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“Amazing! The caramels are perfection and the motivation to make them are a true reflection of who this family is.”

Karen reviewed Coover Caramels — 5 stars
December 15, 2017

“Oh my god. It's inappropriately good. I'm offended. And in love”

Sylvia reviewed Coover Caramels — 5 stars
August 25, 2017

“Most men send flowers to their ladies. Not my man.... Nope. He sends Coover's Caramels. When Ryan first showed up at my door with the brown bag of sweetness I was impressed with my husband's creativity. However, my first taste of a caramel made me a Coover's fan for life. I'm pretty much a self-proclaimed caramel connoisseur and I've always chosen my candy bar based on the amount of caramel. But, Coover's Caramels totally changed my definition of caramel. It's far beyond anything found in a Twix bar. The sweetness, the softness, -- it's all absolute caramel perfection. And the back story of Ryan creating a company with his kids using his grandma's recipe just makes each piece all the better. Yup, proud to be a Coover's Caramel fan for life!”

Suzanne reviewed Coover Caramels — 5 stars
November 8, 2016

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